5 reasons why GTA 6 would be better off with two protagonists instead of three

5 reasons why GTA 6 would be better off with two protagonists instead of three

5 reasons why GTA 6 would be better off with two protagonists instead of three

Two protagonists can be a good idea (Images via GTA RP Servers)

A Bloomberg report regarding GTA 6 has gone viral recently. It talked about the development of GTA 6 and what players can expect from it. One of the most exciting parts of the entire report was that, allegedly, GTA 6 might provide players with two playable protagonists.

This information has caused a lot of discussion in the community and many players have expressed their own opinions about GTA 6 having two protagonists.

So, this article will try to aid this conversation by providing five reasons why it’s a good thing that Rockstar Games may introduce two playable protagonists to their upcoming title.

5 reasons why two playable protagonists will be a better deal for GTA 6

1) Tighter narrative

Having fewer characters means that writers will be able to shape the narrative in a more controlled manner, without devolving it into pointless tangents. Even though single-character stories are best for this, there are many examples of two protagonist narratives that are also tightly written and well-structured, such as, The Last of Us, It Takes Two, and more.

GTA 6 is already expected to have a lot of other things on top of its narrative, so having a story that is water-tight without any useless story beats that go nowhere and bog down the game’s other qualities should be avoided as much as possible. Thus, having only two main characters to focus on will be really useful in doing that.

2) Much more engaging plot

A lot of times when there are too many characters to follow in the story, it can quickly get difficult for the audience to care about all of them. Slowly, they might even lose interest in a particular one whenever they are on screen. So, having only two playable characters’ stories to follow in GTA 6 will create a good balance.

Moreover, the plot also becomes much more immersive and engaging when it is not constantly jumping between three or four points of views. Furthermore, it is more likely that the audience will be able to care for, and emotionally connect with, two main characters much more easily.

3) Better chemistry

When there is more than one main character in the story, it is really important to have great chemistry between them, which is essentially how they interact with each other.

Many of the times, it gets really hard to create meaningful relationships between characters who have nothing in common or just have opposing personalities. It can be done right, but it can take a lot of time and interaction — which is not possible every time.

GTA players can clearly see this chemistry gap when they look at the relationship between Trevor and Franklin. So, if Grand Theft Auto 6 only focuses on two main characters, developing a meaningful relationship between them would be much easier to do.

4) Fewer chances of plot holes

Multiple main characters mean there will be several narratives for the audience to to follow. This clearly increases the chances of plot holes and errors in the storylines as the writers will need to focus on the story of every single character and resolve everything satisfactorily — which is really hard to do, especially in a video game format.

Moreover, if there are too many threads to a story ,and if all of them don’t get resolved in a meaningful manner, fans will be quick to point out the flaws. To avoid these unnecessary plot holes, it will be much easier Grand Theft Auto 6 only focuses on two playable characters. Writers will be able to thread two stories together and provide the audience with a satisfying experience.

5) A much simpler narrative to follow

Having more than two playable characters can make the story more convoluted and even complex for players to understand. Players should keep in mind that complexity does not come from the story being too abstract but rather from too many characters to keep up with and not understanding how they impact the overall narrative.

Too many playable characters can easily become exhausting to play, especially if Grand Theft Auto 6 is trying to tell an engaging and intimate story. So, telling a story with only two main characters will provide the audience with a much more streamlined and easy-to-understand narrative.

5 reasons why GTA 6 would be better off with two protagonists instead of three

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