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GTA RP is basically a multiplayer mod of GTA 5 (PC version). It is a realistic world where police, criminals, and people co-exist and there are restaurants and hotels where you can chill out.

How To Play GTA RP in 2023

Before GTA Online gained such massive popularity, GTA 5 Roleplay, popularly known as GTA RP, enjoyed the spotlight. GTA 5 RP was made famous by Twitch and YouTube streamers.

Here at GTA 5 RP Servers you will find everything you need to play GTA 5 RP, Know the best servers, best streamers, fivem tutorials and much more.

In website I tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to get you started in GTA 5 RP! Start your roleplay journey with confidence! how to rp in gta 5 GTA Roleplay COMPLETE Beginner’s Guide!