GTA 5 RP Streamer Penta: Who is, RP characters, and more

GTA 5 RP Streamer Penta: Who is, RP characters, and more

GTA 5 RP Streamer Penta: Who is, RP characters, and more

GTA 5 RP Streamer Penta: Who is, RP characters, and more (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Penta is a professional online gamer who has been streaming on Twitch since March 2015. His streams last up to nine hours.

The streamer’s channel stands at number 17 in the list of most-watched Grand Theft Auto 5 channels on Twitch. He roleplays as Randy Wrangler, a police officer, on the NoPixel server. He is the best known cop character on the server and his methods of investigation are very questionable yet intriguing.

PENTA is a Twitch Streamer and longtime GTA roleplayer. He mostly plays Randy Wrangler and Mike Block currently but he also has many other types of different characters. He usually streams Wednesday-Sunday from 5/6 PM to 3/4 AM EST.

NEW unofficial fan-made VODs archive on Youtube. VODs uploaded since 2nd March 2021. NEW additional fan-made VODs archive on Youtube. VODs uploaded since 6th April 2021. OLD fan-made VODs archive on Youtube. You should be able to find most of the VODs dated 27th Nove.

GTA 5 RP Streamer Penta

Who is GTA 5 RP Streamer Penta

Penta is probably the most polarized and divisive Grand Theft Auto RP streamer, but he is still very entertaining to watch.

For him, there is no limit to what players can do in RP and it is always interesting to watch him being an arrogant cop or a crazy criminal.

Most fans either hate him or love him, but it is hard to deny that he is the funniest and most fascinating Grand Theft Auto RP streamer. He usually commands 12,858 peak viewers per stream.

PENTA Characters: Randy Wrangler and Mike Block

Randy “The Rascal” Wrangler is a character role-played by PENTA.

Randy Wrangler

Penta character: Randy Wrangler (Image via GTA RP Servers)

General Description

Randy Wrangler is a former Captain of the Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office, Badge #317. He is also the founder and former head of the Enhanced Parole Program and WASP.

Background Information

Randy Wrangler was originally a police officer working for the Oklahoma City Police Department, where he specialized in undercover prostitution stings. He also mainly broke up ham fights while in Oklahoma City.


Randy Wrangler is a loose cannon as skilled in investigative work as he is easily distracted. Wrangler’s determination and unpredictability simultaneously causes headaches for his fellow police officers and places large targets on his back as he cracks down on the criminals of Los Santos. Wrangler is borderline fearless in who he goes after for criminal activity ranging from high ranking members of major street gangs to even the mayor of Los Santos. Wrangler’s reputation for aggressive policing and compulsive need to follow every lead no matter how small makes his very presence a threat to criminals who know him, well aware that Wrangler will levy whatever charges he believes he can make stick and that one slip up in front of him may end in him getting a search warrant signed for a raid on their home and everything inside.

When dealing with difficult suspects that he knows are lying Wrangler likes playing his cards close to his chest, often staying quiet about key pieces of evidence while trying to work them over in an interrogation room in hopes of being able to use it to catch them in damning lies. His other favored tactic is cutting deals for guilty pleas in order to drop bigger charges and help suspects out, even if he knows he could likely charge them for so much more. However he will not hesitate to come down with the full force of what he believes he can prove should they be adamant in denying him. Wrangler dislikes dealing with lawyers when he does this, believing them to simply muddy the waters with arguments of irrelevant points.

Wrangler displays behavior strongly suggesting he is a closeted homosexual, but he vehemently denies this when asked and is a subject that will quickly agitate him.

Wrangler had a very hard stance against corruption within his department and was extremely quick to anger if he believed that it is taking place, over time.

Mike Block

Mike Block

Penta character: Randy Wrangler (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Mike Block is a character role-played by PENTA.


Mike wears an over-sized “Backside” red shirt, a white du-rag, a red cap facing sideways, and a large chain with a massive pendant. He also has tattoos that peak out of his large shirt. It is worth noting that Mike Block’s character template is a default template (Male #24) provided by the game.


When Mike was 7, a witch in a forest gave him magical hitman powers. These powers came with a stipulation – once a name is spoken, the hit must be completed; otherwise his dick will fall off.

Mike is a “real gangster”. He arrived in Los Santos and wants to take over the south side.

He has a master degree in civil engineering from MIT. He was also the captain of the Blimp Team in MIT and has a Blimp License. He is the father to 16 adopted children, one daughter, one 7 year old son and Holden D. Block.

He wreaks havoc across the city with his son Holden and triple OG and best friend, Ray Ray. His daily activities consisted of making mixtapes, committing petty crime with the Block Gang, and robbing the Taco Shop and Quickfix

He is the leader of the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz, Sinner Street Cinnamons, and 150 Gang.

How much money does PENTA make on

Ranking #217, PENTA earned over $563,271.94 from August 2019 to September 2021, according to the leaked data. The money came from Twitch subscribers, tips (which Twitch calls “bits”), and ad revenue.

GTA 5 RP Streamer Penta: Who is, RP characters, and more

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