GTA 5 RP YouTuber pretends to be an NPC in order to steal other players’ cars

GTA 5 RP YouTuber pretends to be an NPC in order to steal other players’ cars

GTA 5 RP YouTuber pretends to be an NPC in order to steal other players' cars

GTA Youtuber has a very interesting way of trolling (Images via GTA RP Servers)

GTA RP has introduced many new and creative role-playing players who have graced everyone with their much-needed presence in the GTA community. But with the new wave of GTA RP servers and players constantly popping up, there were bound to be talented players who were going to flex their creative muscles more and indulge in elaborate trolling and pranks for entertainment.

Because of this, fans can witness many GTA RP Twitch streamers and YouTubers trying to elicit hilarious reactions from other players through their trolling and pranks. Unfortunately for them, there is one GTA RP YouTuber that always takes the crown when it comes to trolling people on RP servers. That YouTuber is none other than Elanip.

Elanip recently came again under the spotlight due to a video where he disguised himself as different Grand Theft Auto NPCs to steal other players’ cars. This article will dive deeper into this delightful strategy.

GTA 5 RP YouTuber pretends to be an NPC

GTA RP YouTuber Elanip trolls players by pretending to be an NPC

The video above comes from Elanip, where fans can see him pranking different people, mostly cops, as it makes the trolling all the more hilarious.

Elanip is a pretty methodical troll as he reveals in the video that he is going to use different NPC disguises for each prank, just so it becomes harder for other players to predict what his NPC disguise might look like. He also emulates what an average Grand Theft Auto NPC would do.

He is dedicated to this form of trolling because being an NPC and stealing another player’s car is actually more difficult than it one might think, and fans can see this clearly in his video.

To give credit where credit is due, Elanip does an amazing job of being an NPC. He even nails their walking style and how they get stuck behind random objects.

GTA 5 RP YouTuber pretends to be an NPC

The reason why Elanip is so good at trolling Grand Theft Auto RP players might be because he has done similar types of pranks before, as evidenced by the above video from his YouTube channel.

While the prank or trolling in the first video is entertaining to watch, staying true to his pretense, Elanip even leaves the vehicles he stole in good condition — most of the time — once the trolling is done. His intricate plans work for the most part, but there are failed attempts as well.

One of the finest scenes from the is when he tries to steal a bike in front of some police officers on Grove Street and immediately gets tased. It’s incredible to witness how quickly the entire situation escalates, and viewers can even catch the exact moment when Elanip’s harmless NPC veers dramatically and steals the bike with every police officer running after him.

Seeing Elanip being so proficient at pretending to be an NPC and trolling Grand Theft Auto RP players might make a lot of viewers wonder if they can do something similar. But they should keep in mind that to properly pull this type of trolling off, they will need a lot of time and dedication, just like Elanip.

GTA 5 RP YouTuber pretends to be an NPC in order to steal other players’ cars

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