GTA 6 leaks that have come up so far

GTA 6 leaks that have come up so far

GTA 6 leaks

Which leaks are trustworthy? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Despite the recent announcement of the GTA remastered trilogy, fans haven’t stopped clamoring for GTA 6. While most have reacted positively to the Definitive Edition trailer, that hasn’t stopped them from demanding a GTA 6 announcement.

Meanwhile, several leaks have piled up over the years, with new, unverified leaks coming up frequently. This article compiles the most important GTA 6 leaks that have come out so far.

The most significant GTA 6 leaks so far

Jorge Consejo CV

Jorge Consejo is a Mexican telenovela actor who has been in a number of shows. His leaked CV listed a role for GTA 6 called “The Mexican”, which he completed in 2018. On Instagram, he also posted a mocap shot of himself, which many fans believe was taken inside a Rockstar Games studio. He even responded to GTA fans through a tweet:

“…While I read every message from you, please know that because of contract stipulations, sometimes, I’m unable to comment on certain projects. Please don’t feel ignored or unseen. I appreciate and value every single one of you…”

AI patent leak

One of the first leaks related to GTA 6 this year was the discovery of a patent. It was uncovered that Take Two had filed a patent for improved AI behavior in a future Rockstar Games project. Fans instantly put two and two together and assumed it was for GTA 6.

This patent implied that Rockstar has created some revolutionary AI to make its NPCs act even more like real people. The GTA series has been somewhat influential in promoting realistic NPC (non-player character) behavior in open-world games so it’s not unlikely that Rockstar plans to employ it in GTA 6.

Tom Henderson leaks

Almost every GTA fan has been acquainted with Tom Henderson by now. His leaks, although not well-received, have usually been accepted by fans as the most likely to be genuine.

He’s mentioned a Vice City map set in the present day, a female protagonist, an evolving game world, and a release date of 2024-25.

Alleged map leak

A shaky video clip of a supposed map leak surfaced in July this year. Since then, a great majority of fans have concluded that it was a scam perpetrated by a troll. The clip showed a poorly detailed Vice City map with a large countryside, while the legends suggested some fun activities.

Alleged voice actor leak


On his Facebook page, voice actor Dave Jackson announced that he had secured a role in GTA. He said his character’s name was “Police Chief Captain McClane”, but he didn’t say anything else.

Many fans deduced that this might be for the a speculated GTA Online update called “Cops & Robbers”. However, it could well be a role for the next game in the series.

TSB’s announcement leak

In September, TSB (ThatsSoBold) posted a tweet claiming that GTA 6 will be announced in November. It mentioned several details that had already been leaked, such as a Vice City setting and a constantly evolving map.

According to this leak, the upcoming game will have advanced weather effects such as tropical storms, and new creatures like the alligator. The map would supposedly be three times larger than that of GTA 5, which is contradictory to what previous leaks suggested.

GTA 6 leaks that have come up so far

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