GTA 6 rumors: Rumors that could turn out to be true

GTA 6 rumors: Rumors that could turn out to be true

5 GTA 6 rumors that could turn out to be true

5 GTA 6 rumors that could turn out to be true (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Recent GTA 6 leaks have dispelled numerous rumors regarding the upcoming game. While some of them were proven true, others weren’t. Nonetheless, fans continue to speculate about the title, and many new leaks and rumors have surfaced recently. This article lists five new GTA 6 rumors that may prove to be accurate in the game.

Rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 have been floating around since the launch of GTA 5, and the official announcement of GTA 6 has only added fuel to the fire. Industry insiders like Tom Henderson and Jason Schreier have all given their two cents about the project, but until an official reveal from Rockstar, this information is merely hearsay. However, while waiting for an official trailer to finally drop, fans can at least sit and ponder some of the most convincing GTA 6 rumors that have come so far.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinions. The leaked data cannot be shown here due to legal restrictions. Listings are not in any particular order.

5 GTA 6 leaks that have greater chances of being true

1) New vehicles

This is the list of GTA 6 cars and vehicles that have been confirmed to be in the game due to them appearing in the GTA VI leaked footage from September 18, 2022.

We are not allowed to post any direct pictures from the leaked footage, so the images shown below are still the ones from GTA 5. However, the following vehicles are confirmed to appear in GTA 6:

However, the GTABase website has mentioned a number of new vehicles that may appear in the upcoming game. Some of them are the Chevrolet Caprice, Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Ranchero, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and more.

2) Brazil origin

Along with the Vice City plot, there is a strong possibility that GTA 6 will feature an origin story set in Brazil. The game’s female protagonist, Lucia, is said to be a Latin-American woman. According to a Bloomberg report, she and her brother Jason will begin their journey in Brazil and end up in America, specifically Vice City.

The same report suggested that the game might have more than one city to explore in the Story Mode, lending credence to the Brazil-origin rumor. Other Latin-American cities, such as Cuba and Columbia, were also cited in the rumors.

Matheus Victor seems to be quite confident about the Brazil-inspired setting of the game. On the other hand, he’s not 100% confident on the other locations being present. Here’s what the original tweet reads when translated:

“The Rockstar Games team really liked the result that Brazil brought to Max Payne 3. After that the team planned that the prologue of the next GTA would possibly take place in Brazil, In 2003 – with the murder of the protagonists’ parents, killed by rival cartels.”

3) Modern-day storyline

The prologue to GTA 6 is said to have taken place in 2003. While both protagonists will begin their journey in Brazil, their Vice City expedition is set to take place in modern times; the leaks back up this theory too.

In the videos, some NPCs can be heard discussing Jay Norris in relation to Mark Zuckerberg’s recent Facebook scandal. The leaks also show a new social media platform called WhatUp, which is a reference to the WhatsApp messaging app. The appearance and clothing of the characters and NPCs seem to be contemporary as well.

While most Grand Theft Auto games take place in 1980s or 1990s, GTA 5’s story takes place in 2013. And, given that the game has been out for nine years, the next installment is expected to take place in the present day.

4) More accessible buildings

GTA 6 is expected to have more accessible buildings than Grand Theft Auto 5. Fans were disappointed by Rockstar’s decision to significantly reduce the number of interactive structures in the previous game. However, the leaks show the protagonists of the upcoming game visiting restaurants and motel-like structures.

Open-world games require a realistic setting. While the majority of the elements in Grand Theft Auto 5 make the game feel like a living and breathing world, the buildings and interiors do not, since most of them are only there for aesthetic purposes and are inaccessible.

5) Improvised Wanted level system

Another popular rumor about the game is that it will feature an improved wanted-level system. According to reports, the leaks show a police timer indicating their estimated arrival time at the crime scene.

While it may be an expansion of the heist system, it has the potential to significantly change gameplay as players will have to deal with various types of police response processes and figure out their escape plans accordingly.

GTA 6 rumors: Rumors that could turn out to be true

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