GTA San Andreas mod brings Lucia from GTA 6

GTA San Andreas mod brings Lucia from GTA 6

GTA San Andreas mod brings Lucia from GTA 6

GTA San Andreas mod brings Lucia from GTA 6 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 is still a long way off, but gamers can’t get enough of it. While Rockstar Games is yet to release any official information about the upcoming game, the recent leak on September 18, 2022, provided a glimpse into the gameplay and the two protagonists: Jason and Lucia.

It is the first time the American video game company will introduce a female protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series. While the leaks provided an incomplete and glitchy overview of both characters, the modding community has already patched Lucia as a playable character for the previous games.

How to play as Lucia in GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto players first learned of Lucia in September 2022, and modder SERGIO_VAN_DYK from Nexus Mods produced a patch called Lucia GTA VI that introduced the leaked character from the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto game to San Andreas.

Although Rockstar Games confirmed via Twitter that the alleged leaks were from the upcoming game, the gaming company did not address any specific details about them. So, it is hard to know for sure whether the leaked character model for Lucia is the actual protagonist or not.

Having said that, the developer made the character a fan art model and customized the textures to look like Lucia from the leaks. The mod functions as a character swap patch in GTA San Andreas, allowing players to replace Carl “CJ” Johnson for Lucia.

In the above video, the female protagonist is wearing a pink crop top and blue army camouflage pants, as seen in the leaked clips. The modded character can also wield weapons in both hands and fire them at the same time.

However, since it is the first version, the implementations are not fluid, as evident in the last part of the video when the flower bouquet glitches into the character’s body.

Other exciting GTA San Andreas mods for players to try

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the most popular 3D-universe games. Although the game was released 18 years ago in 2004, the modding community continues to create mods that keep the game’s legacy alive for future generations.

While SERGIO_VAN_DYK introduced Lucia to San Andreas, Nexus Mods developer Nic brought CJ into New York City, replacing Peter Parker as Spider-Man. “The CJ Mod” includes a fully functional Carl Johnson that has been enhanced to match the graphics and gameplay of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

Modder TommyV5 from GTAinside developed the “Defeat Ghost Rider” mod to bring the mighty Ghost Rider to kill CJ. He is extremely powerful and has numerous attacking movements and fighting abilities. While CJ is already helpless in front of him, killing the anti-hero requires a tremendous amount of effort on his part.

Another GTAinside modder, adiezmod97, has created the “Ryder Ghost Attack CJ” mod, which resurrects Lance Wilson, aka Ryder, in San Andreas. The mod allows players to enter the character’s house after his death and confront his ghost. However, players should be aware that he will mercilessly attack CJ in retaliation for killing him.

GTA San Andreas mod brings Lucia from GTA 6

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