How To Easily Join NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP Server 2022

How To Easily Join NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP Server 2022

How To Easily Join NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP Server 2022

How To Join NoPixel 3.0 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

NoPixel is an exclusive GTA 5 roleplay server where players take on a fictional role (such as a police officer or a store owner) and interact with their fellow role-players. The large majority of the players on the server are Twitch streamers, and some of them attract thousands of viewers on a regular basis.

GTA 5 roleplay (or in short: GTA RP) dominated the Twitch scene during 2021, and it still one of the most popular directories on Twitch as a whole.

This huge surge was the result of the launch of NoPixel 3.0, a new big update to the most popular GTA roleplay server on Twitch.

This update attracted multiple popular streamers such as XQC, Sykkuno and HasanAbi to join the server and showcase to their massive audience the astonishingly fun gameplay that can come from this particular game mod.

If you watched all of this crazy fun unfold and want to join in on the action yourself, this article would teach you exactly how you can join NoPixel, including submitting your application and actually getting it approved in just a few days.

So let’s get started!

How To Easily Join NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP Server 2022

How To Join NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP Server

  1. Download and install GTA 5 for desktop.
  2. Sign up and install FiveM.
  3. Join the NoPixel official forum.
  4. Write and fill your whitelist application.
  5. After getting approved, connect to the server.
  6. Start playing on the server.

How To Join NoPixel Whitelist Server

To join NoPixel, you need to visit their website and register to the NoPixel forum. You’d need to wait for an administrator to approve your request which might take a few hours. After getting your account approved, you’d need to fill the actual whitelist application form in order to officially join the server.

The form itself is quite long and includes a fair amount of questions about you as a player, your background in roleplaying and most importantly – about the character you plan to take on the server. You’d need to come prepared with a background story to showcase your willingness to immerse in the NoPixel world, as admins are going to review your application very closely.

I can’t stress this enough – the whitelist application form is the stage where most new players fail. They don’t take the application form seriously enough and get rejected for their sloppy work. I have seen plenty of talented players get declined just because they didn’t put enough time and effort into their application.

In my case, my application got denied twice before I have found the best solution to bypass the application form – to hire a veteran NoPixel writer to fill the application form on my behalf. It may sound a bit over the top, but there’s actually a Fiverr seller that provide this exact service:

jimmy nopixel

Jimmy is a professional Nopixel (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Jimmy is a professional creative writer who has been writing dozens of NoPixel applications for months now for his friends and clients. The large majority of them have been accepted on the first submission.

The pricing of his service is $100 at the moment, and includes both background story and filling the application form, which makes this deal a no brainer for anyone looking to join NoPixel.

How To Easily Join NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP Server 2022

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