Most successful GTA 5 RP streamers in 2021

Most successful GTA 5 RP streamers in 2021

Most successful GTA 5 RP streamers in 2021

Successful GTA 5 streamers of 2021 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 is an evergreen game when it comes to having a solid player base and an infinite amount of viewing content. The game has entertained millions of players for many years. GTA 5 RP is Rockstar Games’ most successful project, and it is still one of the most popular games to be viewed on Twitch.

Many content creators stream GTA 5 gameplay with exciting twists. Some players play GTA RP and others enjoy modding the original GTA 5. Either way, the game’s popularity stays.

5 of the most successful streamers who play GTA 5 in 2021

1) loud_coringa (2.7 million followers)

loud_coringa is one of the biggest GTA 5 RP streamers today. With 2.7 million followers on Twitch, the streamer is very famous. His broad reach of fans stretches worldwide.

He is known to play GTA 5 RP and is not only the most-watched streamer in Portugal but also in the world.

2) buddha (692K followers)

The next streamer is a big name in the GTA community today. Buddha is known to play GTA RP with the legends like xQc and Sykkuno. He has done many live streams, including streaming his birthday being celebration live.

3) RatedEpicz (486K followers)

RatedEpicz is a GTA 5 streamer and a long-time player in the NoPixel community. He is from England, and having just completed college, he plans to follow streaming as his primary career. He has been playing in the NoPixel server for several years now.

He is also sponsored by G Fuel Energy drinks.

4) Ramee (487K followers)

Another streamer partnered with G Fuel Energy drinks is Ramee. He is one of the best hackers on the NoPixel server and is a part of the Chang Gang. He is one of the few players who completed the Gold Laptop Hack in GTA 5 RP.

His in-game name is Ramee El-Rahman but is often known as the ‘warlord.’

5) mount (616K followers)

Another streamer that hails from Portugal is Mount. Mount is known from when he used to play Minecraft and Fall Guys before onboarding the GTA RP train. He is one of the more popular GTA 5 RP streamers with 616k followers.

Most successful GTA 5 RP streamers in 2021

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